How To Brew Tea With No Tools

Courtesy of Té Company

Also known as “grandpa-style tea brewing,” this method makes it possible to enjoy whole leaf tea wherever you are, whether you’ve just arrived home or are on the road. Since there is nothing better than a homemade cup of tea.

What you’ll need: Kettle Cup or large mug Tea Brew time: One to two minutes (depending on the tea and personal taste). You can re-steep the tea leaves by adding more hot water for at least 2-3 more times, so don’t discard the leaves right after the first infusion.

Step 1:

Use your hand to measure the tea. Approximation works because if it’s too strong you can add more water and if it’s too light, you can increase steeping time. Add loose leaf tea directly into the cup.

Step 2:

Add hot water over the leaves. Please refer to individual tea descriptions for suggested brewing temperature by tea (195, 200, or 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

You will see the tea leaves expanding and starting to sink to the bottom of the cup.

Step 3:

Drink directly from the cup. If necessary, use your teeth as a strainer.

Step 4:

Like any other loose-leaf tea, brewing more than once is recommended. Add hot water when you have about one-third of the infusion left—that way you get a second cup of tea that’s perfect in strength and temperature.

The more steepings made, the more the leaves sink to the bottom of the cup, making it easier to drink.



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