A Return to Elegance

Brunello Cucinelli’s Spring Summer 2022 collections prove that dressing well is once again back in style.

Images courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli

In the last couple of years, fashion has, understandably, taken a backseat. As world events prompted us to prioritize comfort in our clothing, trends such as work-from-home basics and head-to-toe athleisure have, for a while, reigned supreme. But after nearly two years of this pandemic-era wear, the fashion world is ready for style and sophistication to make a return.

So, when the fashion house Brunello Cucinelli unveiled its Spring Summer 2022 collections, its revival of classic elegance felt like a revelation.

From the sumptuous suits and refined knitwear of the men’s collection to the elegant silhouettes and eclectic yet versatile aesthetic inherent in its women’s collection, Brunello Cucinelli’s Spring Summer 2022 ready-to-wear designs prove that dressing well is once again back in style.

Take, for example, the offerings of the Spring Summer 2022 Women’s Collection. Designed with an ethos of revolutionary classics, the collection presents the art of dressing well as top-of-mind.

“Born out of a mood full of confidence and new stimuli, the collection gives shape to a positive spirit that irradiates joy, energy and vitality,” the brand writes in a press release unveiling the collection. “The desire to dress well comes back to life through the pleasure of carefree and breezy touches, stepping away from the idea of ‘only the strictly necessary.’”

From its bomber jackets and basketball shorts in perforated suede to its fine meshwork emphasized by shiny embroidery and fluid featherwork, this season’s offerings will afford anyone with a refined yet sporty flair.

Beyond the strong sportswear elements, there are still the typical Brunello Cucinelli staples: trousers in a relaxed wide-leg crafted from linen and cotton or tailored in a stretch cotton twill; double-breasted suit jackets worn over accompanying pants; and denim ranging from light washes to deep indigos.

This season’s knitwear features the same sense of craftsmanship that has always been present throughout the Brunello Cucinelli ouevre, albeit with a stronger air of elevated activewear than the brand has exhibited in past. The iconic Argyle pattern, for example, is enriched by special textures or jacquard weaves and openwork that produce a uniquely sporty mesh effect.

“The wide range of lightweight and pleasant yarns enhances surfaces thanks to a variety of stitches, or through special workmanship that exalts harmonious colour combinations,” the brand writes.

Brunello Cucinelli has become known for its knitwear, most iconic of all are their lush cashmere sweaters, which are crafted by thousands of artisans at their workshops in Solomeo, an Umbrian village that the brand calls its home. It is through this Umbrian heritage of knitwear that the brand particularly shines, where one can identify the true craftsmanship present in each Brunello Cucinelli piece.

The Brunello Cucinelli ethos for craft and heritage extends to their Spring Summer 2022 Men’s Collection.

The suit, a quintessential Brunello Cucinelli staple, is reinvented in a fresh and relaxed silhouette. Double-breasted blazers in breezy linens are cut slightly longer at the skirt, providing the suit-wearer with an air of nonchalance and ease even in the balmiest days of summer.

In classic Brunello Cucinelli fashion, wherein their ready-to-wear garments are not merely one-off outfits but are meant to expand and elevate one’s capsule wardrobe, the blazers can be mix-and-matched with this season’s selection of tapered and pleated pants, garment-dyed denim, and leisure-fit trousers.

“Outfits featuring mismatched blazers add layers of richness and versatility to suits, capable of transforming a purely formal element into an elegant and versatile everyday item,” the brand writes.

For the less suit-inclined, there is also this season’s ample selection of men’s knitwear in lightweight cotton and cashmere. Here, pieces like a corduroy biker-style down vest or a cotton rib knit cardigan afford a casual yet luxe flair, infusing sensations of simple and modern comfort into looks.

“The wide range of lightweight and pleasant yarns enhances surfaces thanks to a variety of stitches, or through special workmanship that exalts harmonious color combinations,” the brand writes.

Whether its the revolutionary classics of its women’s collection or the simplicity in elegance of its menwear, Brunello Cucinelli’s spring and summer line-up makes a case for dressing well no matter the occasion. Born out of a mood full of confidence and new stimuli, this season’s pieces are sure to inject one’s wardrobe with a fresh sense of energy—just in time to greet the warmer months in style.

Shop the Brunello Cucinelli Spring Summer 2022 collections now at their Ala Moana and International Market Place locations.



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